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Studying at the Faculty of Biology



Teaching in the winter semester of 2021/22 is highly dependent on pandemic conditions beginning in September 2021, which are difficult to predict. The faculty is committed to offering on-site classes whenever possible for the upcoming winter semester.

To account for the uncertainty, appropriate digital formats will be co-planned and prepared in parallel. Students are requested to return to Freiburg in good time before the start of the semester or to be on site during the winter semester in order to be able to participate in the on-site classes.

In order to support the efforts of the faculty to enable as many on-site classes as possible, we urge all current and future students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in time before the start of the winter semester. Possible a 3G proof will be a prerequisite for attendance at on-site classes.

Furthermore, we ask all students to share their contact information in HISinOne for the purpose of Corona tracking (instructions [HERE])

Students who have not released their contact information must bring the completed Data Collection Form per § 7 Corona Ordinance to each attendance appointment without being asked, or attendance may not be permitted.





  • Office for doctoral affairs
    Contact person for doctoral procedure

  • Doctorate in the section biology
    The doctoral studies at the faculty of biology adresses to people who successfully concluded a degree program in natural sciences (Diploma, Magister, M.Sc., Teaching degree prgram) and who are motivated to condict scientific basic reseach in the field of biology. Successful graduates obtain the academic degree "doctor of natural sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.).
  • Doctorate in the section molecular medicine
    The faculty of biology and the medical faculty jointly offer doctoral studies in the field of molecular medicine. Prerequisites for ad admission is a university degree in molecular medicine. Successful graduates obtain the academic degree "doctor of natural sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.) from the faculty of biology.


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