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Master of Science Biology


The M.Sc. is research based and guides especially towards experimental scientific work. Numerous Elective modules allow to give the studies an individual profile in one of the following majors:



The selected Major will be written on the final certificate.

The methodologic-analytic knowledge at the current state of science that is acquired during the course of studies enables to carry out sophisticated issues in complex biological systems and to conduct independent research projects.


In the first semester three out of seven Orientation Modules, which introduce into the majors, have to be selected. One of the majors is further pursued in the following semesters.

In the second semester the specialization continues by the choice of the major. One mandatory module (Major Module I) and one Elective Module in the area of the major. One further Elective Module is free to choose. The Major Module I gives a deeper insight into the chosen major. Is has a methodolocical focus and builts on the contents of the respective orientation module. The elective modules A reflect the various subdisciplines of the chosen major. The elective module B can be chosen from any other major in biology, from any other teaching offer of other faculties or universities or can be done as a occupational internship.

In the third semester the respective major is further intensified through the Major Module II. Again there are options to individually tailor the studies. The practical parts Major Modules II are designed research based. The project module at the end of the third semester prepares for the Master thesis which is to be conducted in the fourth semester in the respective major.

This two-year study programme starts in winter semester only.



Professional competencies

  • Consolidation of knowledge in the biosciences
  • Consolidation of methodical and analytical knowledge on an international level
  • Acquiring knowledge of modern methods and concepts of the life sciences and related fields
  • Developing the ability to use scientific equipment for own projects adequately
  • Experience in research project workflows at research institutions, research facilities, and in industry

Social competencies

  • Ability for independent, self-responsible, and creative scientific work
  • Ability to organize, implement and manage complex projects
  • Ability to make decisions in complex cases
  • Preparation for ability to take over leadership responsibility
  • Ability for abstraction, analytic thinking, teamwork and communication skills
  • Experience in international and intercultural relations
  • Social responsibility


Entry Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree (or equivalent three year study program) with a final grade of at least 2.9 (according to the German grading system) in Biology or related field with
    • at least 100 ECTS in Biology
    • at least 20 ECTS in basic natural sciences (chemistry, mathematics and physics)
    • a Bachelor thesis  showing independant experimental or theoretical research in biology with a workload of at least 10 ECTS
  • Proficiency in German (level B2 or above according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Proficiency in English (level B2 or above according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • General University Entrance Qualification
Application documents:


The admission requirements as well as information about the documents needed to be submitted with the application form can be found up in the regulations of admission [de] (§ 4 "Form des Zulassungsantrags").

To apply please fill in the online application form  which will be available from April 1 and send the signed hard-copy application together with the following documentsbefore the application deadline  July 15 to the given address.

Please note that for legal reasons only applications submitted as hard copies can be accepted. Applications via e-mail are not considered. The application are not sent back, neither after admission nor rejection.

You can check the status of your application online via the application portal. Please note that due to the large number of incoming applications we cannot give individual feedback on the status or the rank of open applications. The second round of admission starts in the second week of September.


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