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Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold


Prof. Dr.
Christian Leibold

Institute of Biology III

Group: Theoretical Systems Neuroscience

Phone: +49 (0)761 203 9546



Focus of research

  • Learning and memory formation in the mammalian hippocampus
  • Neural basis of spatial hearing
  • Statistical analysis and modelling of spatiotemporal neural activity patterns


  • Since 2021 Full Professor (W3) of Theoretical Systems Neuroscience, Faculty of Biology, University of Freiburg
  • 2016-2021 Speaker Research Training Group 2175: Perception in Context and its Neural Basis.
  • 2011-2013 Vicedean at the Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich
  • 2009-2014 Speaker Bernstein Focus “Neural Basis of Learning” in Munich
  • 2009-2011 Senator of the LMU Munich
  • 2006-2021 Member of the Scientific Board Graduate School for Systemic Neuroscience (LMU)
  • 2006-2021 W2 Professor of Computational Neuroscience LMU Munich
  • 2002-2006 Postdocs at TU Munich, HU Berlin and Charité Berlin
  • 1999-2002 PhD in Theoretical Physics, TU Munich
  • 1993-1999 Diploma studies in Physics at TU Munich

Selected publications

  • D. Fetterhoff, A. Sobolev, C. Leibold. (2021) Graded Remapping of Hippocampal Ensembles under Sensory Conflicts. Cell Rep 36: 109661.
  • A. Chenani, M. Sabariego, M.I. Schlesiger, J.K. Leutgeb, S. Leutgeb, C. Leibold (2019) Hippocampal CA1 replay becomes less prominent but more rigid without inputs from medial entorhinal cortex. Nat Commun 10: 1341
  • M.M. Monsalve-Mercado, C. Leibold (2017) Hippocampal Spike-Timing Correlations Lead to Hexagonal Grid Fields. Phys Rev Lett 119: 038101.
  • M.I. Schlesiger, C.C. Cannova, B.L. Boublil, J.B. Hales, E.A. Mankin, M.P. Brandon, J.K. Leutgeb, C. Leibold, S. Leutgeb (2015) The medial entorhinal cortex is necessary for temporal organization of hippocampal neuronal activity. Nat Neurosci 18: 1123- 1132.
  • S. Lehnert, M.C. Ford, O. Alexandrova, F. Hellmundt, F. Felmy, B. Grothe, C. Leibold (2014) Action potential generation in an anatomically constrained model of medial superior olive axons. J Neurosci 34: 5370--5384.


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