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Prof. Dr. Dierk Reiff


Prof. Dr.
Dierk Reiff

Institute of Biology I

Group: Neurobiology and behavioral control

Phone: +49 (0)761 203-2576



Focus of research

  • Visual information processing and behavior control in Drosophila
  • Circuits of motion-seeing and navigation
  • Biological implementation of color vision


  • Since 2011 Full Professor (W3) for Animal Physiology and Neurobiology, Faculty of Biology, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
  • 2009 Habilitation in Neurobiology, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich.
  • 2001-2011 Assistant and Group Leader, Circuits Division - Information - Models, MPI of Neurobiology, Martinsried.
  • 2001 Postdoc, University Berkeley, CA, USA
  • 1997-2001 Doctorate in Biology, University of Tübingen / Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, MPI Tübingen.
  • 1990-1996 Diploma program Biology, University of Tübingen

Selected publications

  • Schnaitmann C, Haikala V, Abraham E, Oberhauser V, Thestrup T, Griesbeck O and Reiff DF (2018). Color Processing in the Early Visual System of Drosophila. Cell, 172: 318-330.
  • Maisak MS, Haag J, Ammer G, Serbe E, Meier M, Leonhardt A, Schilling T, Bahl A, Rubin GM, Nern A, Dickson BJ, Reiff DF, Hopp E & Borst A (2013). A directional tuning map of Drosophila elementary motion detectors. Nature, 500: 212-216.
  • Reiff DF, Plett J, Mank M, Griesbeck O, Borst A (2010). Visualizing Retinotopic Half-Wave Rectified Input to the Motion Detection Circuitry of Drosophila. Nature Neuroscience, 8: 973-978.
  • Schnell B, Joesch M, Forstner F, Raghu SV, Otsuna H, Ito K, Borst A, Reiff DF (2010). Processing of horizontal optic flow in three visual interneurons of the Drosophila brain. J. Neurophysiology, 103: 1646-1657.
  • Hendel T, Mank M, Schnell B, Griesbeck O, Borst A, Reiff DF (2008). Fluorescence changes of genetic calcium indicators and OGB-1 correlated with neural activity and calcium in vivo and in vitro. J. Neuroscience, 28: 7399-7411.
  • Joesch M, Plett J, Borst A, Reiff DF (2008). Response properties of motion-sensitive visual interneurons in the lobula plate of Drosophila melanogaster. Current Biology, 18: 368-374.

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