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Major Plant Sciences


Spokesperson: PD Dr. Thomas Kretsch

The Plant Sciences core program offers students a multifaceted curriculum with full coverage of the discipline: molecularly oriented laboratories lecture in the areas of plant physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, gene technology, developmental biology and molecular evolution. Ecological approaches and techniques are imparted in the area of geobotany, whilst applied aspects are taught in the areas of functional plant morphology and bionics as well as in plant biotechnology. Courses are also offered in model-building for systems biology and synthetic biology. The core program therefore offers a whole range of combinations and options for further specialization, based on the orientation modules of the first semester. Core programs and master´s thesis are chosen from listed fields and combined as desired, giving the flexibility to choose between the numerous topics of PhD theses which become available upon successful completion of the MSc degree.

Content and structure of the M.Sc. Biology - Major Plant Sciences

mandatory.png Experimental Design and Statistics 3 ECTS ECTS_en.png
Orientation module “Introduction to Plant Sciences” (OM-06)
  • Introduction into the model organisms Physcomitrella, patens, Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa and their relevance in advanced plant research
elective.png Orientation module offered by other Majors
  • Translational Biologie (OM-01), or
  • Genetics & Developmental Biology (OM-02), or
  • Immunobiology (OM-03), or
  • Biochemistry & Microbiology (OM-04), or
  • Neuroscience (OM-05), or
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (OM-07)
Orientation module offered by other Majors
  • Translational Biologie (OM-01), or
  • Genetics & Developmental Biology (OM-02), or
  • Immunobiology (OM-03), or
  • Biochemistry & Microbiology (OM-04), or
  • Neuroscience (OM-05), or
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (OM-07)


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mandatory.png Introduction into Advanced Techniques and Concepts of Plant Biology (SP1-06) 12 ECTS ECTS_en.png
Mammalian and plant cell technology 9 ECTS
Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics 9 ECTS
Molecula signaling mechanisms in plants 9 ECTS
Molecular developmental biology of plants 9 ECTS
The cell at high resolution 9 ECTS
Bioinformatics 9 ECTS
Plant biotechnology and functional genomics 9 ECTS
Cell biology 9 ECTS
  • Another of the above listed elective modules A, oder
  • One of the elective modules offered by other Majors, oder
  • Laboratory internship, oder
  • Business internship (company, industry), oder
  • Modules offered by other faculties, oder
  • Modules offered by other universities (abroad)


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⇒ Module guide "Elective modules"

elective.png Plant biotechnology
  • Enabling technologies (genome and proteome analysis)
  • generation and functional analysis of transgenic plants
  • production of complex recombinant biopharmaceuticals with moss bioreactors
21 ECTS ECTS_en.png
Advanced topics in plant sciences
  • Cell biology
  • Molecular biology in plants
  • Comparative plant genomics
Project.png Project module
  • Preparation for the Master thesis


⇒ Module guide "Major modules II"

Master_en.png Master thesis
  • 6 months research project in one of the groups participating in the Major Plant sciences
24 ECTS ECTS_en.png
Master thesis seminar
  • oral presentation of the results of the master thesis




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