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Due to the measures taken by the University of Freiburg to curb corona infections, a personal consultation is initially only possible by prior appointment via e-mail.

  • Doctoral studies program office
    Contact for all aspects of the doctoral thesis
  • Doctoral degree in the field of Biology
    The program of post-graduate study for the doctoral degree of the faculty of Biology is intended for persons who have successfully completed a course of study (Diploma, MTeamister, Master) and are motivated to doing basic research in Biology. Rather than the PhD, candidates successfully completing this advanced course of study are awarded the academic degree Doctor of Natural Sciences or Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.).
  • Ph.D. Programme Molecular Medicine
    The Faculty of Biology and the Medical Faculty offer a Ph.D. Program in the field of Molecular Medicine. Persons who have successfully completed a course of Study (Diploma, MTeamister, Master) in Molecular Medicine. The degree "Doctor in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) is awarded by the Faculty of Biology. 


  • PhD-Convent
    Representation of all doctoral students at the Faculty of Biology



Marco Frensch Marco Frensch (Team Römer, Faculty of Biology)
ute_web.jpg Ute Hoffmann (Team Wilde, Faculty of Biology)
Deepti Prasad (Team Classen, ZBSA)
michael agne Michael Agne (Team Boll, Faculty of Biology)
Sabrina Oeser (Team Wilde, Faculty of Biology)
Nibedita Priyadarshini (Team Speck, Faculty of Biology)
Ellen McAllister (Team Jellusova, Faculty of Biology)


Contact: PhD-Bio@biologie.uni-freiburg.de

Contact hours: upon request (via e-mail)



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