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25. & 26. Juni 2015: Freiburg Neural Circuits Symposium

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Wann 25.06.2015 14:30 bis
26.06.2015 18:00
Wo Hörsaal Zoologie, Hauptstr. 1
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Freiburg Neural Circuits Symposium

Institute of Biology I, University Freiburg, Lecture Hall 1st Floor

Thursday, 25th June 2015

14.30 Uhr Welcome and get together coffee and snacks
15.00 Uhr Opening Symposium  
15.05 Uhr Wolfgang Driever
(Driever lab)
Development, Circuits and Behavior: The Dopaminergic Systems in Zebrafish
15.20 Uhr Sebastian Reinig
(Driever lab)
Functional activity of diencephalic dopaminergic neurons in larval zebrafish
15.40 Uhr Christian Brysch
(Arrenberg lab)
The encoding of eye position in (pre-)motor nuclei of larval zebrafish
16.00 Uhr Coffee break  
16.20 Uhr Aristides Arrenberg
(Arrenberg lab)
The digital logic of binocular optic flow processing in the zebrafish pretectum
16.40 Uhr Melanie Haehnel-Taguchi Lateral line sensing in larval zebrafish


Friday, 26th June 2015

9.00 Uhr Johann H. Bollmann Structure-function relationships in the zebrafish visual system: synapses, cells and circuits
9.20 Uhr Max Hofbauer
(Straw lab)
Visuo-motor behavior in wildtype and mitfa mutant zebrafish
9.40 Uhr Dorothea Hörmann
(Straw lab)
Real and optogentically induced thermal responses of Drosophila
10.00 Uhr Vaino Haikala
(Reiff lab)
Role of H1 in the lobula plate network and the control of optomotor behaviour
10.20 Uhr Coffee break  
10.40 Uhr Etienne Campione
(Straw lab)
Circuits for self-motion estimation in flies
11.00 Uhr John Stowers
(Straw lab)
Virtual reality technology
11.20 Uhr Andrew Straw
(Straw lab)
High-level behaviors from circuit-level building blocks in flies
11.40 Uhr Andreas Poehlmann
(Straw lab)
Models of fly visual behavior
12.00 Uhr Lunch break  
13.00 Uhr Santiago Villalba
(Straw lab)
Data analysis of rich animal tracking data
13.20 Uhr

Sayanne Soselisa
(Straw lab)

Functional connectivity of figure-ground circuitry in flies
13.40 Uhr Karin Panser
(Straw lab)
Visual projection neurons of Drosophila
14.00 Uhr Christopher Schnaitmann
(Reiff lab)
Colour opponency in Drosophila melanogaster
14.20 Uhr coffee break  
14.40 Uhr Dorthe Kaufhold
(Bartos lab)
Behavior drives structural plasticity of inhibitory cells
15.00 Uhr Stefanie Hardung
(Diester lab)
Contributions of prefrontal cortex sub-sections to response inhibition
15.20 Uhr Jonas Sauer
(Bartos lab)
Neural network defects in a genetic mouse model of depression
15.40 Uhr Claudio Elgueta
(Bartos lab)
Dendritic processing in fast spiking interneurons of the dentate gyrus
16.00 Uhr Thomas Hainmüller
(Bartos lab)
Role of fast-spiking inteneurons in hippocampal context representation
18.00 Uhr barbeque at the Biology I  
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