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5. Oktober 2015: Kenneth Berendzen, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

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Vortrag im Biologischen Kolloquium: "An overview and introduction of Flow Cytometry and FACS technologies with plant material"

  • Biologisches Kolloquium
Wann 05.10.2015
von 16:15 bis 17:30
Wo Hörsaal Zoologie, Hauptstr. 1
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Although flow cytometry is occasionally applied to plant science, many of its strengths are still undervalued and overlooked. Typically applications are limited to the analysis of nuclear content or sorting (FACS) of particular cell files for transcriptomic profiling. While powerful, there are many other applications that can be envisioned which are currently not exploited or even developed. I will give you an overview of recent applications of flow cytometry to plant science as well as a small introductory tutorial about what kind of data is produced by conventional cytometers and how we might exploit this information. This will be followed by a small summary of projects that we currently involved in at our Central Facility for Flow Cytometry and Transformation at the ZMBP

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