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May 26, 2014: Ute Hoecker, Botanical Institute, University of Cologne

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Talk in the Biologic Colloquium: "The role of protein ubiquitination in light-controlled plant growth and development"

  • Biologisches Kolloquium
Wann 26.05.2014
von 16:15 bis 17:30
Wo Lecture Hall Zoology, Hauptstr. 1
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The light environment affects plant growth and development throughout the life cycle of a plant. This includes seed germination, seedling de-etiolation, shade avoidance response and the induction of flowering by day length. Light is perceived by photoreceptors which subsequently repress the activity of the COP1/SPA ubiquitin ligase complex. This E3 ubiquitin ligase acts to ubiquitinate transcriptional activators of the light response, primarily transcription factors, which are subsequently degraded in the proteasome. Our work focuses, in particular, on the SPA proteins in this E3 ubiquitin ligase and their functions in controlling plant development. We are interested in identifying new substrates of the COP1/SPA E3 ligase, a structure-function analysis of domains in the SPA proteins as well as in mechanisms leading to the inactivation of the COP1/SPA complex by light.

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