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June 25 & 26, 2015: Freiburg Neural Circuits Symposium

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Wann 25.06.2015 14:30 bis
26.06.2015 18:00
Wo Lecture Hall Zoology, Hauptstr. 1
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Freiburg Neural Circuits Symposium

Institute of Biology I, University Freiburg, Lecture Hall 1st Floor

Thursday, 25th June 2015

14.30 h Welcome and get together coffee and snacks
15.00 h Opening Symposium  
15.05 h Wolfgang Driever
(Driever lab)
Development, Circuits and Behavior: The Dopaminergic Systems in Zebrafish
15.20 h Sebastian Reinig
(Driever lab)
Functional activity of diencephalic dopaminergic neurons in larval zebrafish
15.40 h Christian Brysch
(Arrenberg lab)
The encoding of eye position in (pre-)motor nuclei of larval zebrafish
16.00 h Coffee break  
16.20 h Aristides Arrenberg
(Arrenberg lab)
The digital logic of binocular optic flow processing in the zebrafish pretectum
16.40 h Melanie Haehnel-Taguchi Lateral line sensing in larval zebrafish


Friday, 26th June 2015

9.00 h Johann H. Bollmann Structure-function relationships in the zebrafish visual system: synapses, cells and circuits
9.20 h Max Hofbauer
(Straw lab)
Visuo-motor behavior in wildtype and mitfa mutant zebrafish
9.40 h Dorothea Hörmann
(Straw lab)
Real and optogentically induced thermal responses of Drosophila
10.00 h Vaino Haikala
(Reiff lab)
Role of H1 in the lobula plate network and the control of optomotor behaviour
10.20 h Coffee break  
10.40 h Etienne Campione
(Straw lab)
Circuits for self-motion estimation in flies
11.00 h John Stowers
(Straw lab)
Virtual reality technology
11.20 h Andrew Straw
(Straw lab)
High-level behaviors from circuit-level building blocks in flies
11.40 h Andreas Poehlmann
(Straw lab)
Models of fly visual behavior
12.00 h Lunch break  
13.00 h Santiago Villalba
(Straw lab)
Data analysis of rich animal tracking data
13.20 h

Sayanne Soselisa
(Straw lab)

Functional connectivity of figure-ground circuitry in flies
13.40 h Karin Panser
(Straw lab)
Visual projection neurons of Drosophila
14.00 h Christopher Schnaitmann
(Reiff lab)
Colour opponency in Drosophila melanogaster
14.20 h coffee break  
14.40 h Dorthe Kaufhold
(Bartos lab)
Behavior drives structural plasticity of inhibitory cells
15.00 h Stefanie Hardung
(Diester lab)
Contributions of prefrontal cortex sub-sections to response inhibition
15.20 h Jonas Sauer
(Bartos lab)
Neural network defects in a genetic mouse model of depression
15.40 h Claudio Elgueta
(Bartos lab)
Dendritic processing in fast spiking interneurons of the dentate gyrus
16.00 h Thomas Hainmüller
(Bartos lab)
Role of fast-spiking inteneurons in hippocampal context representation
18.00 h barbeque at the Biology I  
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