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11. April 2017: Jingjing Liang, West Virginia University

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Vortrag im Biologischen Kolloquium: "Exploring Biodiversity-Productivity Relationship Using Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFBI) Data"

  • Biologisches Kolloquium
Wann 11.04.2017
von 16:15 bis 17:30
Wo Hörsaal Zoologie, Hauptstr. 1
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We consolidated field-based forest inventory data from 777,126 permanent plots across the world, and discovered a globally consistent positive effect of tree species diversity on forest productivity, whereby a continued biodiversity loss would result in an accelerating decline in forest productivity worldwide. We further estimated that the economic value of biodiversity in maintaining commercial forest productivity along to be USD$396–579 billion per year, which is over five times greater than the total cost of effective global conservation. This finding highlights the need for a worldwide re-assessment of biodiversity values, forest management strategies, and conservation priorities.

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