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Plant diversity up close and personal

Freiburg's botanical garden greenhouses are reopening May 15, 2017

Plant diversity up close and personal

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Plants from around the world in four thematically organized areas across about 910 square meters: after completing a technical renovation, the fern, succulent and tropical greenhouses at the University of Freiburg's botanical gardens are open to the public once again starting May 15, 2017. The subtropical greenhouse is being converted into a French Guyana house that will open later this year.

Ferns and tree ferns as well as horsetails, lycopods, selaginellas and cycad plants are growing in the fern greenhouse. Along with the typical tropical life forms such as big-leafed perennials, lianas, epiphytes and palm trees, the tropical greenhouse also houses important agricultural plants – among other things, cocoa, coffee, banana and cotton plants. Visitors can witness how various plant groups, based on the examples of cacti and spurge, have developed similar forms in order to adapt to external conditions.

The greenhouses are open Mondays through Thursdays from 12-4pm and Sundays and holidays from 2-4pm. Entrance is free.

Further information

Katja Stauffer
Botanical Garden Freiburg
Unviersity of Freiburg
Tel.: 0761/203-96834


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