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„A Showcase for Neuroscience“ – Brain Awareness Week 2017

Interactive Exhibition offers New Perspectives on the Brain

How does the brain control movement? What happens when essential functions fail or illnesses like Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy occur? What would it feel like if we had a third hand? In the context of this year’s Brain Awareness Week, an annual week of events around the world to raise public awareness of neuroscientific topics, the Bernstein Center Freiburg and the Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks-BrainTools will present an interactive exhibition about neuroscience research in Freiburg. The exhibition entitled “A Showcase for Neuroscience in Freiburg,” featuring 17 exhibits overall, takes place from 13 to 15 March 2017 and will offer its visitors new insights into the function and structure of the brain.

“In addition to our exhibition of imagery from Freiburg neuroscience research, we want to offer an interesting and versatile program inviting attendants to get involved”, says Levin Sottru, Science Communicator for the Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks-BrainTools. The communications specialist and his colleague from the Bernstein Center Freiburg, Michael Veit, have been preparing the event for quite a while now. “Not only was it our objective to provide a hands-on experience: we are also going to give an insight into the work that goes on inside the labs, showing several image videos on two video walls”, Michael Veit explains.

The exhibition is open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. On Monday there will also be a special afternoon event for children from age 9 and above. The exhibits can be found on the ground floor of the library as well as the first floor of the library’s “Parlatorium.” The Freiburg Brain Awareness Week will conclude with a “Café Scientifiqe” on March 15 at 7 pm: Computer scientist Michael Tangermann will be presenting a system he has developed which can translate neuronal activity into letters and even whole words. There will also be a chance to try this system out in person on Wednesday.

The Brain Awareness Week has taken place in mid-march every year since 1995. But the event is more than just an initiative for brain health: In this worldwide week of events initiated by the American DANA Foundation, research institutes, foundations and educational institutions aim to inform the public about the brain in an easily understandable manner.

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